What is medEscore™?

A 'medEscore' is a rating from 0 to 1,000 showing how well a practice conforms to HIPAA guidelines.

1,000 is a perfect score.

After logging into your medEScore account, a practice owner or manager is presented with a simple one page dashboard showing questions from 5 HIPAA categories:

  1. Administrative Safeguards
  2. Physical Safeguards
  3. Technical Safeguards
  4. Organization Requirements (Example Shown Below)
  5. Policies & Procedures and Documentation Requirements

Account owners can quickly identify questions which have been answered in the affirmative, negative or not yet addressed. Shown below is a screen capture from a client who has marked all 3 Organizational Requirements in the affirmative giving this office a perfect score for the category. (Also shown is a sample question from the category.)

Here is another sample account working on their "Policies and Procedures" questions. Notice they have answered NO, to question P01, Yes to P02 and P03 and have not yet answered P04, P05 or P06. Thus their current category is a 333 or 33.3%

The medEscore questions are based on government HIPAA guidelines. You, as the account owner, answer questions at your own pace. YES questions improve your score. NO questions have room for notes allowing you to quickly review action items to improve your HIPAA compliance.

The example below shows an office which has recognized a problem where their appointment book does not automatically logout each evening. Although they answered NO, there are Notes which help track the problem and resolution.

Dynamic Scoring / Staying Compliant

Over time, YES questions expire. For instance, the client above who has the issue with their Appointment Software may answer YES next monday after the problem is fixed. But what if they go through a software upgrade? Questions in your medEScore account soft expire every 180 days. Soft expirations don't change your score, but do require you to acknowledge a YES. If there is no activity for 45 days on a soft-expired question, your medEScore lowers until the question is acted on.

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